Monday, April 25, 2011

Counting down

I can hardly keep my head on straight let alone focus. I have 3 days of normality before returning to chaos. Three days of business as usual before unadulterated mayhem. It is mind blowing to know that in this same country only a couple of hours up the road pandemonium reigns supreme.At the very same time I was sunning myself on an Okinawan seawall just T-shirt clad and flip-flopped last weekend, someone in an Iwate school gym/shelter was willing their coat to close a little better and their new shoes to be half a size bigger.

I'm sitting here at home with one of my fourleggeders on the kitchen chair beside me,  another on the recliner (no-less), another actually using a pet bed(!) and the newest addition is honing her mouse catching skills upstairs lest that be a problem for us in the future.My blessings are counted and they are all within my reach.Overseas family by phone and furbs by just crinkling a treat bag. Yes, I know the correct later half of that sentence should read " ...and furbs by calling their name." but they don't do names anymore they have informed me, they do names ONLY if followed by treats. They have us well trained, and we are only too happy to tickle exposed bellies, throw slimy half chewed toys or (even though it took a while) give up the recliner:-)

Tonight I spoke with the lady who gave the group her three cats to mind. She was upbeat even though she is still living in a school gym 6 weeks after losing everything.I admire her resilience, she has been told they will start moving people into temporary quarters "soon" and that the latest they will be housed will be by July. In my head I raised my voice and said "WAIT.......Did you say JULY?  I can't even begin to imagine" however the words that I put to my voice were along the lines of "not long now". I sure hope her number comes up sooner rather than later.

She had been in touch with the shelter and they had told her the cats were doing well. I'm going to be at the shelter by the end of this week. I promised I would take photos of them and send them to her.She is missing them like crazy and is worried if they'll recognize her after so long.While the photos help, a cuddle or five would definitely go a lot further. Well, all you animal lovers out there know that yourselves! Go on,  give the furries in your life a snuggle right now, because you CAN:-)

I've the last of my donation pick ups tomorrow evening. I'll most definitely be overweight again. THANK YOU for making me so. This is one time it really doesn't matter.I only wish I had more hands oh and of course baggage allowance.

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