Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maruko's story the you tube version:-)


There wasn't a rude name under the sun that my computer didn't get called while making this video. As mentioned before, I am technologically UNgifted and am of the generation where computer games were rectangles that went up or down on either side of a screen rebounding a square 'ball' back and forth. Today's cyberlife is foolproof, which is precisely the reason I can't get in;-)

So I said "watch this space" right? Well, sorry for not having given you that much to look at since I have been back. Work started and the nose got re-positioned to align with the grindstone again. In the in between parts I have been keeping my volunteer experiences very much to the fore. I managed to secure a donation of 500 packs of really awesome Indian curry to the very hard-working volunteers based out of Niigata. If you are in Japan I thoroughly recommend you try these 'excellent-for-camping-trips-bags-of-delicious-ness':-) They do mail order too.One tip, go with the milder ones first because they sure do pack some punch in the spicy stakes.

So what next? I am heading up North again for 9 days and will be volunteering with the same group. I will not be using paypal all......ever again if I can help it. As I said before, they froze the account and have not been forthcoming as to what happens next.I will keep donaters informed personally rather than publicly.It is a bit of a shame that a person genuinely wanting to be proactive has so much red tape between them and the good deed.This time I'm choosing the "simple" route, if anyone wants to send me on my way with a bag of dog food, a cat scratcher or a hamster wheel, I will be more than willing to take them on their behalf. Same goes for cash in brown paper envelopes. That will be used to whittle down the recently replenished pet food section at a branch of Costco in Tokyo. if you would like to ask me any questions.


  1. Well done, Kate. Very touching video,tears of joy for the happy ending. I'm sure Maruko will be for ever grateful as we are proud of your generous soul. Keep it up!!!

  2. You are my hero. Still. Always.