Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A moment for a stranger

I never met the Hamu and Eggu's human Mum but I knew of her through my Ofunato friend, M.san. As I mentioned here. She was in hospital and not expected to do well. She had dearly wanted her adult children to take her beloved furbs but none of them were in a position to do so.

Eggu being his adorable self
She was beside herself with worry about what to do with them. A friend of a friend of a friend told her about her experience with my contact. She decided to meet. They spoke and H&E's Mum said Ok, then she said no, then she said ok and then she insisted that where ever they go, they go together. If we could guarantee that, then she would allow it. I confirmed this with JCN and the lady gave her permission to release her darling boys to our group. Judy and I picked them up and ferried them to the Inawashiro shelter. We arrived with our arms two inches longer than when we had set out, they were well loved cats:-).  Longer arms and all cats accounted for, the two boys spent time in the quarantine room as per protocol for new members. Having been indoor babies since well, when they were babies, the shared quarters were kind of a shock to their systems. We realized this and put out an appeal among volunteers for a foster home or an adoptive home for these sweethearts. Jen and Dave were up for it, and the two 4year olds moved out to Fukushima.

Hamu living up to his name ;-) Big 'ole sweetheart!
When I was in Inawashiro I took photos of the boys everyday and mailed them to my friend in Ofunato. Just to give her piece of mind that she had done the right thing by these boys. Jen and David also posted a great photo album on the JCN facebook page so I copied and forwarded that to  M. San as well. I wanted her to be able to say with certainty to the family should they get in touch that Hamu and Eggu were doing really well and were in a wonderful foster family. That they were being loved on and that of course they ruled the house :-)

Last Friday morning M. san was contacted by a family member and they inquired about the two kitties. M. san was thrilled to be able to report on their well being. She mentioned she had many pictures and that the daughter was more than welcome to show them to her Mum. The lady asked if M. san would visit so she could tell her firsthand. My friend decided she would. Friday afternoon saw at the bedside of a very sick elderly lady. She had printed out all the photos we'd sent. She relayed what she learned of their new place and temporary life. Hamu and Eggu's mum pet the pictures and tickled their chins. She cried.She held them to her chest. She said thank you. She said she was so relieved. She said she was ok with everything now. She passed away two days later. I'm glad she got to know that her beloved boys are going to be just fine.

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