Friday, June 10, 2011


I got an eye! she has eyes!! after about 20 blurry photos of this young lady, there it was as clear as day, an eye! and oh what a beautiful eye! I know she had two but I was quite content to have caught one on "film". We almost missed her because we had been heading for the Akita dog's residence with the last of our supplies. Just treats and toys, not the essentials but definitely the welcome bonuses in a furbie's day.We met the owner at the Japanese military water station. She had come with a wheelbarrow and 4, 5 gallon plastic tanks for water since this area still had no running water 2 months after the day.
I try and avoid using "furball" when referring to pets, as to my mind that is what cats drop all their airs and graces for the production of.HOWEVER, bodily emissions aside, it was the only word that could describe 7 month old Sayuri.
She was an Old English Sheepdog (OES), or for anyone who grew up in Ireland, the Dulux dog:-).She was close to full grown and still had the boundless energy of an excited puppy. She wouldn't sit still for a second, "yeah new friends!"better run up and down the fence for that one!, "ooooooh treats!" whhooo hooo need to run around the garden to celebrate that!!" and she'd be off.A hazy ball of white and grey tearing around the area in front of her house.While she was on her mission we spoke to her family. Sayuri was their second OES and they had her registered at the Japanese equivalent of a Kennel club. After the earthquake, members who were connected to the OES group bandied together and got lists of all the OES owners in the affected areas. They had sent regular care packages to families who had old English Sheepdogs.I don't know if this is happening for other breeds but I was pretty impressed with that generosity. So Sayuri was getting quality food and now she had treats and toys too, that could only mean one thing..... another 5 laps of the garden:-)

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