Friday, September 23, 2011

Catching up with old friends

While up in HEART I had the privilege to reconnect with a few rescues from Iwate ken. Pitan and Taro the two corgis Tiffany and I pulled from Miyako pound and Ofunato pound.

Pitan, while still a little on the corpulent side, had definitely slimmed down. The butt waddle wasn't nearly as pronounced and she didn't need to rest every five steps.In fact she was quite chipper and was well able to keep up with her companions on the walks. The only thing that would stop her dead in her tracks was the remotest inclination that we may have possibly walked through the teeniest split second waft of something edible.She was a machine when it came to all things food.The volunteers ate lunch down in the lower office with the four legged inhabitants who resided there. Although Pitan had only just joined the pre-fab gang she had already gently asserted herself as "Chief Lunch Implorer" by simply being persistent. The others would soon realise they were onto a loser begging for tidbits from ravenous volunteers but Pitan's resilience remained undeterred.Her furry companions would drift off into their afternoon siesta while Pitan remained ever vigilant in the presence food. She was a hoot. Second place on Pitan's list of 'likes' was petting. This lady likes her shoulders rubbed and ears scratched and sure, if we weren't useful for getting food out of, at least we could bestow that upon her, right?:-) She was in great spirits and it was wonderful to see her doing so well now all this lovely lady needs is a home to call her own.

On her way to becoming a super model:-)

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  1. Very cute Pitan ! She looks like my Nana....we live near Iwate.