Friday, December 9, 2011


Where on earth does the time go? I've been very remiss with regard to my blogging. The semester started in second gear and quickly revved up to 5th. Life is coming at me hammer and tongs and I'm thoroughly engaged in deflecting, delegating, defying and deliberating over all the curve balls with my name on them. 3 more months sees me at the end of my 6 year stint at this institution of 'higher' learning. Time to move on, not far, just a realignment of what matters in life here. While my brother is calling this readjustment my mid-life crises, I'm calling it prioritising :-)

I haven't given up on the Northern furbs (or the ones in Okinawa either, having picked up two kittens in the last 4 months). I was able to negotiate a donation of $15,000 worth of science equipment for our volunteer vets in Fukushima and continued to collect donations of pet food and pet items. In my blog hiatus I was able to send over 100kg of food North and what seemed like a billion kennels. I am now very well acquainted with packing tape and cardboard boxes. While I thought  I would eventually have mastered "a technique" I'm sorry to report the packing gene did not get passed down and I suffer greatly every time I come near the sticky stuff :-) "Sure it is for a good cause" I console myself.

So I'll keep it brief for my re-entry into the world of blogging and leave you with a little Okinawan lad we picked up in an awful state at a 24 hour charity Mararthon for Tohoku.



  1. Such a handsome boy! I feel about clingfilm the same way you feel about packing tape :/

  2. I should have said that this is Pelos' "after" shot his "before" wasn't so pretty. Yes, I quit the cling film method for packing very early on. A way worse invention than tape:-)

  3. Was just thinking of you today....glad to hear from you. Pelos is certainly a pretty kitty. Am so glad to see you've helped him put his Awful State well behind him.