Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting there....but almost not

So I'll step back a little bit. A little before Hamu and Eggu. Right back to my Naha departure.... or lack of it. I was booked onto the longest flight in Japan; Okinawa to Sendai. I was at the airport 50 minutes early, or so I thought. I swiped my check-in ticket and this is where I should have realised things were amiss. The machine spat out a 'go see a member of staff NOW" slip. Keep your hair on, I can do that!! geez. Member of unperturbed staff seen, time for the ritualistic pre-departure sandwich. I had done this every other time, why would this instance be any different? I settled in to my very very good meal deal. I got lost in its avocado and entangled in the fries alongside. It was just what the doctor ordered. Nothing I could replace now if I realised I had forgotten it. Haaaaaaaa the build up of stress over the last few days decompressed. I'd have a few hours before volunteer mode slipped in. Car rental was arranged. A place to stay in Sendai confirmed. I was good to go. On the hour I got up, paid my dues and ambled down  through the souvenir section. Oooooh some last minute shisas to add to my Okinawa souvenir offerings. By 10 past I was fixing my bags on the X-ray machine but couldn't find my flight details on the board above. I asked another member of staff which gate the Sendai flight left from. He replied in perfunctory monotone "It left from gate 23". Pardon? Left? what do you mean left? as in opposite from right? or Holey Moley ..departed? Noooooo!! It left early? you mean it is closing? oh if it is closing, dude! I can run.  I CAN RUN, I can sooooo run!! I am fast dude! no, really I am. I swore on my ability to break the speed of light but they bizarrely didn't budge.
Sure the ticket says 14:35 It is only 2.15.
Please look at your ticket Madam.
I whipped the boarding pass out of my back pocket ready to duel to the death on departure times. See? 14.35!
Madam, please look closer,
Crap!! Why didn't I have my glasses on? There it was, as plain as day the minute I held it up to my nostrils 14.05!  Ugggghh. I said I had so many appointments to meet the next day, reservations tonight  and things to get done. I had to be in that area this evening for the volunteer organisation.

Boooooooooom magic words. From `yeah yeah we have heard it all before' attitude to 'ahhhhhh a volunteer'. The ANA staff rallied and had a few transport options available to me within minutes.I was whisked here, whisked there,  bags followed and I suddenly I found myself on an economy ticket in first class to Nagoya. Well helloooooooooo comfort :-) 

A quick stop for a beautiful sunset in Nagoya
and I was Sendai bound. The rent-a-car company was waving a placard with my name on it upon a arrival and a little more whisking around ensued. After being thoroughly whisked, I found myself behind the wheel of a car that was more fit for skiing or kayaking than pet transporting. But hey, I've been a Girl Guide in my time and I can work things out:-) I found the hotel, found the parking lot, found my room and conked out. Next day was for catching up with Miyuki and hopefully delivering one of Lexie's stress coats that I had promised to a little yorkshire terrier in the Kasetsu jyutaku the last time I was up.

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  1. Excellent service! *waves to the little yorkie* Hope his stress coat fits.