Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The first faux pas

The worst affected areas are in a region known as Tohoku . 
That's easy, it was thinking I could successfully blog on this phone. Yes people do, but I'm me and technology has a severe allergic reaction when it nears!! So after losing tonight's first blog to the cyber Gods this will be shorter.

Today started 20 hours ago, a taxi driver's last fare to the first Tokyo flight of the day. Chuck and Chie met me and my Okinawan donations and whisked us off to Costco. After making a considerable dent in their dog and cat supplies
section, we headed to Niigata. A prefecture on the other side of the country where we will do our da.y trips to affected zones from.Several prefectures have been left reeling from this triple whammy of  disasters.They are collectively known as "Tohoku", the "north east road".

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  1. Kate, please thank everyone who is helping you. Our most sincere thanks. Stay safe.--Doug & Teresa