Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our taskmasters!

Promise it will never happen again boss!

Study carefully! This is how you win treats.

We had to come home and answer to the boss almost every evening. This time I had overstepped the line and was not taking my  play duties seriously. A stern word from Mikei put me on the straight and narrow I was simply going to have to be a whole lot cuter in all my endeavours. I needed to learn from the Master of Cute. Her wise words set me right. However she was always looking over my shoulder to see that her good advice was not falling on deaf ears. While I was assigned Mikei, Jackie was being scrutinised by Yuki. It is always hard to concentrate when the boss is looking over your shoulder but Jackie survived unscathed and did a stellar job while at it. The pressure was immense, Yuki needed regular status updates and would stare her down until she got them. One of the perks, KITTENS:-)

"I want to know all about you... ON THE HOUR!"

These little ladies and their mother were handed over to us from the Ofunato city hall.All three came with respiratory infections and Momma kitty was not the best patient. Her babies were just fuzzy goof ball bundles of cuteness who when they sneezed would topple over with surprise at what had just happened. All needed several vet visits and it was touch and go for the babies on one of the nights. Happy to say everyone pulled through and they have relocated to Shiga Ken. Home of the wonderful Japan Cat Network Shelter. Four boxes of Okinawan donations headed here and there'll be another 2 tomorrow.

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