Sunday, August 7, 2011

Romeo and Juliette

JEARS has conducted their rescue, retrieval and reunion operations in all manner of vehicles from fuel efficient and powerful Hiaces to held together with duct tape and prayers yellow plates (below 660cc engines).Private, rented or donated all the four wheelers have made it possible to achieve so much. Many of these conveyances have seen better days. On the day Jackie, Talles, Nick and I ventured up to Rikuzentakata to get Tufty, we got the plush Honda Odyssey. We could most certainly fit a dog in the back after our food drops and supplies distribution. This was going to be smooth as clockwork.

We were ready to go at 11am but somehow didn't get on the road until 3pm. Between mysterious flashing lights on dashboards, to sudden ferry requests we had a later start than intended. I have already told you some of the story of that night here

Our main purpose as I said above was food drops.When finished we would call into Dr. Takahashi to pass on the yoroshikus of the JEARS team. Then swing by Hokenjyo get the dog and head on back to the Sendai base. So simple, clear and easy yet pretty far from how it all panned out.

We left Rikuzentakata that day with 8 animals instead of the one we had planned for. Two of those sweethearts have just been returned to their human family in the temporary housing, Romeo and Juliette. We had picked them up from the owner's daughter because their real "Mum" was too upset to hand them over. They had been taken care of by their vet since March and had been given free run of his garden on one of the hills above the city.

They were hilarious, It was like they were siamese twins. They ran around the garden seemingly attached to each other. They would instinctively know when the other was turning. It was like they were velcroed together. We decided a soft sided carrier would be the best option to transport them in. They of course had other ideas and I don't think we had rounded the first bend in the road when Romeo had already chewed his way out of one of the mesh walls. They weren't too happy about the concept of enclosed space given their 8 weeks of fresh air and free rein.
One sturdy wire cage later and we hit the road. They were noisy house guests but only because they had no idea who all the strangers were. There were around 10 volunteers sleeping in the Sendai house that night, plus all the animals. That is a whole lot of change for two little bewildered furbs.

We drove them up to Inawashiro the next day where they were warmly welcomed by the Fukushima JEARS team. They have spent 3 months in JEARS care and last week they were returned to their doting family where it was revealed that these two cutie pies not only have the looks but that they are unsung heroes. Sylvia was part of the reunion team so I'll let her fill you in on the dynamic duo. I loaded it as a JPG file so if you click on it it should increase in size........should!;-)

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