Tuesday, August 30, 2011

.................Still Waiting..................

So after not seeing any movement or hearing any updates a month down the road for Setsuo, I rang around just to be sure that no one else had been contacted. Numbers can get lost, wires can get crossed and things can go astray.Given the circumstances it wouldn't be too wild a concept to get your head around.Not sight nor sound had been heard about Setsuo. A call to City Hall was in order.

I called. I was put on hold. I was hung up on........ inadvertently....maybe? I called again. I was put on hold again.A voice came back and said "Sorry the person you wish to reach will be back after lunch". Ok, Human to human, a step in the right direction at least. After lunch I went through the same drill and was told the person I wanted to speak to wasn't coming in for the rest of the day and that it would be better to call tomorrow. Alrighty, any particular time? "yes, before lunch". 10 o'clock the next morning......well you get the picture! This went on an entire week. I made 18 long distance phone calls from Okinawa to Iwate. Yup, stubborn, I know. But if you want the job done, you gotta do it yourself, right? By the time call 12 was put on hold, the lady on the recievng end of my stalker-like repetitive calls and I were on first name terms, she also realised I wasn't going to go away.

Finally my lucky day, I got to talk to the vet. He acted surprised that JEARS hadn't heard from the family.  Knowing and understanding their reluctance to give personal details out over the phone, I gave them my personal details and asked the City Hall to please have them contact me directly. They assured me this would happen forthwith. After all they had the documents Setsuo's family had to sign to turn him in right?........right?

A few days later, the groomer lady we had been in touch with before, called me. She said City Hall had called her looking for the contact details of Setsuo's family. As they say here....... eehhhhhhhhhhhhh???
(start your crescendo by the fourth 'h' and you'll sound completely native like!)

 She then took it upon herself to do the contacting. She tried in vain to get in touch.So she determined that they had moved on and away therefore we could re home Setsuo. nnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhh doesn't feel right , does it? I want to hear that from the horse's mouth. I was led to believe Setsuo was given up reluctantly and under duress. Am I naive to think they'd be thrilled to see him again after what they believed they had done? I know how I would feel, but maybe I'm extrapolating again. Every so often I have to remind myself that the average Joe Soap out there isn't as barmy about animals as I. This unfortunately is a 'watch- this-space' kind of story as my 18 phone call legacy will attest, I'm not going away any time soon:-) Gambarimashou!!

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